An IT Director for your SME

  • IT takes you time? Need to focus on your core business? A timeshare IT manager is the solution! Simple, efficient, economical, flexible and adapted to your needs!
  • Need to develop your IT solutions? Is your IT system becoming strategic but also complex to manage? What if an IT director takes a closer look at your IT?
  • In IT too, it is not always easy to choose the right direction! Why not hire an IT director to advise you on your strategic choices?
  • Timeshared IT director
Part-time, on demand, subscription, interim, on-site or remote. A simple, efficient, economical and flexible solution adapted to your needs!

In a world where information and communication technologies are constantly changing, CIO-PME supports and advises SME managers in their strategic IT choices by providing them, on a timeshare basis, with the services of a CIO (Chief Information Officer or IT Director).

CIO-PME also offers a number of specialized services in the fields of IT and multimedia, as well as training.